was founded in 2006, it is a non-profit-making cultural cooperative whose work is situated at the crossroads of artistic and cultural practices and education, understood as controversial activities. Nowadays, our main line of work is based on collaborative processes with different collectives and entities, action groups and institutions. Since 2013 LaFundició has a venue in the neighbourhood of Bellvitge (L’Hospitalet) that proposes as a space where to experiment with collective, horizontal and transborder ways to produce and circulate culture and knowledge, understood as shared resources. To date, LaFundició has collaborated with some of the most important Spanish culture institutions (MACBA, La Virreina, Tabakalera, Intermediae, Fundació Tàpies) and Latin-American. It is part of the international network Another road map for Arts education.


is a cultural association from Ljubljana, Slovenia that aims to improve public urban space. They explore public spaces in cities and their meaning for local residents and the society at large. Paying attention to overlooked public spaces and organizing, rearranging and revitalizing them according to the needs of residents and visitors. ProstoRož was formed in 2004 as a long-term cultivation of public spaces and a developing method of revitalizing abandoned spaces in cities with the help of local actors. Today it consists of architects, urbanists, sociologists, lawyers and other technical coworkers. ProstoRož tests new possibilities for the use of city space, educates and encourages local residents to actively participate in planning urban public spaces. With the wish to reveal that minimal means and small interventions are enough to present the city’s residents and visitors with pleasant spaces for leisure, play or work in the open air. So far, more than 60 exhibitions, actions, events, interventions, workshops and long-term revitalizations have been accomplished in Ljubljana and other cities in Slovenia and abroad in collaboration with various municipalities, cultural and educational institutions, and non-profit organizations from European Union and the Balkans. ProstoRož is also the first organization in Slovenia to receive the public service

status in the field of space, based on our work.


The aim of Cherimus is to contribute to the development of the social and cultural patrimony – past and present – of south-west Sardinia through art. Like most ‘peripheries’ of today, Sulcis region is torn between the preservation of its heritage and its ongoing incorporation into the global sphere. The risk, though, is that it may not be able to actively control this transition: its local history and identity may turn into mere ‘anecdotes’ or curiosities for tourists, rather than being consciously integrated into the real existence of communities, so as to create new avenues for culture and life in common. Our projects take each time a different form, as they seek to adjust to the communities’ existing energies and tensions, to the encounters we make on our way and to the guest artists we collaborate with. In the Sardinian language, Cherimus means ‘we wish’, ‘we desire’. Perdaxius is a small community of 1500 inhabitants, situated in a peripheral area of Sardinia. This rural are where today migrants are coming via Meditarranean routes, is also affected by a consistent emigration to North of Italy and North of Europe.