A project to share and reflect on situated cultural practices that put play, conviviality and grassroots urban regeneration at the centre to boost the autonomy and critical capacity of its residents to collectively build resistances and new imaginaries that break the stigmatization of peripheral territories. 

Resources for community interventions

Creative laboratories

With the current rise of divisive politics and the spread of hate speech on public debates, all peripheries play a crucial role. Because our peripheral identities suffer from the consequences of hate speech policies and are the embodiment of their populist depiction of what Europe shouldn’t be.



In our neighborhoods there is a situated collective intelligence that has created community building mechanisms such as conviviality, play, celebration and commoning public space.


Projects that bridge differences and create shared cultural experiences that feed from the intangible heritage of underrepresented groups to activate a space to deconstruct some of the exclusionary narratives gaining momentum in our territories


Our consortium is composed by partners with a shared approach to working with communities and audiences in long term projects to articulate and challenge the systemic violence and localised issues they face through art and culture. .

Deadlines & Dragons

A role-playing game whose aim is to promote the meeting and the generation of collective knowledge, in a situated way, which can be used to raise and give perspective to one’s own practices, bringing life to a real or imaginary scenario.


Architectures of play


Architectures of commoning public space


Architectures of conviviality

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