Exchanging situated knowledge, practices and memories of the past and present of informal cities has opened new paths to reflect on community strategies to build sustainable futures. Identifying the validity of such day-to-day strategies in the framework of a major global crisis such as the COVID’19 pandemic has opened unexpected spaces of debate and reflection that have been documented in order to be shared with others in order to continue building healthy and inclusive cities.

The publication Where the city loses its name gathers the debates and reflections emerging from each of our contexts in Portugal, Romania and Spain and incorporates the traces of the questions that traverse our shared practices.

A series of podcasts document debates and interrogations around our practices and their impacts along the process of Where the city loses its name. Questions that range from aesthetics, power relations, empathy and representation.

The relevance and the collective intelligence that operates in moments of shared celebratory gatherings is one of the main lessons that has emerged out of each of our contexts. Thus, we have chosen to seize the challenge of creating moments to celebrate our communities even in times of social distancing.