-Extended laboratories: the extended laboratories are the core of the project, the contexts where community based processes expand, articulating collective research activities and storytelling community encounters, besides other communal creations. It is an open invitation to gather and share memories of informal cities, re-mix them, debate and analyse their evolution as a social group and the evolution of the city itself.


-Creative experimentations: what aesthetics, what memorial culture, what relationships between artistic production and audiences could serve to remember and bring the informal city to the present?

Throughout the project, artists and collective are invited for residencies to develop together with communities and partners an anchored creative process in each context. The programme as well incorporates other artistic and creative processes emerging from the Extended Community Lab, sustained by the communities of memory and the partners, the resulting creative productions and public presentations and events.

-Methodological meetings/open workshops: three open workshops and methodological meetings will be organized by partners to foster the interaction between contemporary culture sector and cultural heritage sector; and to reinforce partner’s skills. Each partner will host and organise one open workshop and a methodological encounter for partners that will bring the project one step forward

At The End

At the end of these processes and activities, we will present the route and our conclusions and we will do it for everyone.


Final Event