Our territories have been subjected to long processes of structural, economic and also symbolic violence that has resulted in the stigmatization of our cultural expressions and ways of doing. In a way, the living conditions of our peripheral territories are sustained by a cultural process of dispossession and thus we believe that cultural and artistic practices play a critical role to build stronger, flexible and welcoming communities to counter hate speech and build plural european identities. With this project we aim at sharing situated cultural practices that put urban regeneration, conviviality and play at the centre to boost the autonomy and critical capacity of its residents to collectively build resistances and new imaginaries that break the stigmatization of peripheral territories.

The project Common Places: New Imaginaries of the European Peripheries addresses the specific challenges of community-based artistic practices located in peripheral territories at a time where hate-speech and exclusion re-emerge. In collaboration with KD Prostoroz, in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and with Cherimus in Perdaxius (Sardinia), we will set up an exchange structure to develop practices, situated knowledge and generative strategies for our work in the so-called European peripheries.