For years now, LaFundició has been activating a heterogeneous series of processes, actions, stories and conversations that revolve around the ways in which we inhabit the city. This work is gathered together under the labe ANTI-Modulor.

If Modulor is the core of the system with which Le Corbusier measured the world taking as reference the dimensions of the normative body of an adult man, ANTI-Modulor encompasses strategies for reconstructing life in the peripheries that result from this type of urbanism.
If the contemporary city has been built and planned on the basis of productivism and speculation on goods that should be held in common, we are ANTI-Modulor because we do not want a city project based on this false universalist ideal.

Looking at the city from the diverse experiences of children, the size of their bodies and the possibilities they detect is one of the simplest and most effective ways we have found to practice ANTI-modulor.